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Czech Music Direct is your source of music from Eastern Europe and beyond.  Our Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian labels, Arta, Nibiru, Artesmon, Hevhetia, Hev-Het Tune, Pavlik Records, Gega New and others feature the earliest of notated music, through to cutting edge contemporary sounds in Classical, Jazz, World Music, Elektronika and more.  Our American label  MSR Classics,  features British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, and highlights the work of American composers and ...

Antonin Rejcha - Requiem

Antonin Rejcha (1770 - 1836) spent most of his career outside the Czech lands.  Born in Prague, he worked in Bonn (playing in the same orchestra as Beethoven), and Hamburg, eventually settling in Paris.  Rejcha's Requiem ...







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MSR Classics,  present British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, which he is recording in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England.  Newly released Volume 6 features rarely heard Sonata 4, in E-flat Major, Sonata 11 in B-flat Major and Sonata 12 in A-flat Major.   


A Portrait of Clavichord - Johann Christoph Georg Schiedmayer, 1787

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

On this recording Jaroslav Tuma plays a clavichord built in 1787 by Johann Christoph Georg Schiedmayer, in Neustadt an der Alsch, Germany.  Its most recent restoration took place over the period 2017-2018 in the workshop of Hamburg based Martin Kather.  In the extensive booklet that comes with this two disc set, Jaroslav Tuma provides a fascinating background into the history of the clavichord and how he prepares to perform on this very subtle instrument.  Listeners are advised not to play this recording at very high volume.  

Price: £25.58

CD No: F10241

Label: Arta

Format: CD

Duck Night

Filip Spaleny

With Jakub Dolezal, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, Jan Balek, keyboard, Filip Spaleny, bass guitar and Ondrej Pomajsl. drums, Los Quemados can be relied upon to deliver a beat driven selection of original numbers.  Their Duck Night invites listeners to a river in summer where ducks are swimming around, with city lights on the horizon.  

Price: £10.54

CD No: HV 0201-2-331


Format: CD

L'Amor Non Ha Legge - Favola Pastorale (1728)

Antonio Caldara

Antonio Caldara's (1670-1736) pastoral fable L'Amor Non Ha Legge (Love has no laws) was a commission by the wealthy Johann Adam Questenberg.  Its characters portray shepherds, nymphs, fantasy figures and gods.  Although written for a local cast, the music looks forward to the more complex structures and musical technicalities of Mozart.  It took Caldara two weeks to compose this extraordinary work.  It occupies three CDs and Arta add a bonus All Region DVD with highlights from Caldara's opera and other recent productions at Questenberg's Baroque mansion.  NOTE: there are no English subtitles on this 87 minute documentary.      

Price: £33.49

CD No: F10240

Label: Arta

Format: CD

Latest Podcast & Radio Show

Classic Music Podcast - February 2020

Presented by Laurence Lewis

Running Time: 9.08 mins

Date posted: 26/01/2020

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Antonio Caldara’s Baroque opera, L’Amor Non Ha Legge (Love Has No Laws) features on a four disc set released by Czech label Arta.  There’s choral music from Estonia on MSR Classics and Bulgarian label Gega New celebrates the piano music of Pancho Vladigerov.

Czech Music Radio Show - Klezmer in Kosice

Presented by Laurence Lewis

Running Time: 24.51 mins

Date posted: 14/10/2019

More info:

In July 2018, Slovakian record label Hevhetia’s JazzBus showcased many of their artists live in gigs at an arts complex in Kosice. On the way the – imaginary – JazzBus stopped at some fringe events, including a Klezmer concert in one of Kosice’s largest synagogues – alas a pale shadow of what it once was. Here’s our complete recording of that concert, presented by Laurence Lewis. Playing Time: 24.51mins.