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Czech Music Direct is your source of music from Eastern Europe and beyond.  Our Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian labels, Arta, Nibiru, Artesmon, Hevhetia, Hev-Het Tune, Pavlik Records, Gega New and others feature the earliest of notated music, through to cutting edge contemporary sounds in Classical, Jazz, World Music, Elektronika and more.  Our American label  MSR Classics,  features British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, and highlights the work of American composers and ...

A Beethoven Odyssey - Volume 6

James Brawn continues his Odyssey through Beethoven's piano sonatas without names, each one an important work. Sonata Number 4 is the longest after the Hammerklavier.




MSR Classics


MS 1470

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MSR Classics,  present British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, which he is recording in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England.  Newly released Volume 6 features rarely heard Sonata 4, in E-flat Major, Sonata 11 in B-flat Major and Sonata 12 in A-flat Major.   


Tommy Caggiani Therion Project Live in Krakow

Tommy Caggiani

Italian drummer and percussionist Tommy Caggiani is based in Spain and leads his Therion Project from behind an awesome array of instruments.  With him on this gig in Krakow, Poland, recorded in December 2015, are - Max Canalda, electric guitar, German Ruiz-Alejos, electric bass, Diego Belzunegui, piano and Guillem Ferrer, also sax and flute.  These musicians take Tommy Caggiani's originals in many colourful directions.

Price: £19.99

CD No: HV 0167/168-2-331

Label: Hevhetia

Format: CD


Anna Bratek

Dziennik is a single track that is only available to download or stream from all the usual online musicstores.  The image shows pianist Aga Derlak and singer/songwriter Anna Bratek,  the other  members of her band, MOW, are Arek Grygo, synths, Kuba Mizeracki, guitar, Mateusz Szewczyk, bass and Patryk Zakrzewski, drums.

Price: £

CD No: MOW 1001


Format: Download / Streaming

Barbara Harbach - Orchestral Music IV - Symphonic Storytelling

Barbara Harbach

Barbara Harbach adds a strong visual element to these two recent orchestral scores.  Symphony No. 11, a three movement work, with  each based on scenes from O Pioneers!, a novel written by Willa Cather in 1913.  The extensive orchestral suite, Hypocrisy  - built around religion, business, politics, love and family - derives from an original score composed for Lois Weber's silent film,  made in 1915.      

Price: £12.54

CD No: MS 1646

Label: MSR Classics

Format: CD

Latest Podcast & Radio Show

Classic Music Podcast - November 2019

Presented by Laurence Lewis

Running Time: 10.40 mins

Date posted: 22/10/2019

More info:

Gega New continue their ongoing series of Famous Opera Voices of Bulgaria with baritone Asen Selimski, there is Dvorak and Eugen Suchon (a World Premiere recording) on Hevhetia and MSR Classics feature Barbara Harbach’s Symphony No. 11 with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Czech Music Radio Show - Klezmer in Kosice

Presented by Laurence Lewis

Running Time: 24.51 mins

Date posted: 14/10/2019

More info:

In July 2018, Slovakian record label Hevhetia’s JazzBus showcased many of their artists live in gigs at an arts complex in Kosice. On the way the – imaginary – JazzBus stopped at some fringe events, including a Klezmer concert in one of Kosice’s largest synagogues – alas a pale shadow of what it once was. Here’s our complete recording of that concert, presented by Laurence Lewis. Playing Time: 24.51mins.