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Czech Music Direct is your source of music from Eastern Europe and beyond.  Our Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian labels, Arta, Nibiru, Artesmon, Hevhetia, Hev-Het Tune, Pavlik Records, Gega New and others feature the earliest of notated music, through to cutting edge contemporary sounds in Classical, Jazz, World Music, Elektronika and more.  Our American label  MSR Classics,  features British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, and highlights the work of American composers and ...

Chopin the Enchanter

Irina  Feoktistova has selected 25 pieces in the form of dances - the Mazurka, Ballade, Etude, Nocturne, Prelude and Waltz by Chopin, each piece - some only a few seconds - creating its own musical world.  




MSR Classics


MS 1776

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MSR Classics,  present British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, which he is recording in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England.  Newly released Volume 6 features rarely heard Sonata 4, in E-flat Major, Sonata 11 in B-flat Major and Sonata 12 in A-flat Major.   



Soheil Peyghambari

Soheil Peyghambari studied clarinet and composition at Tehran Conservatory of Music.  He is also  a sound engineer, his music on this disc using multi-tracking.  Track 3, Lombre de Dieu,  features the voice of Mozaffar Ad din Shah Qajar (1853 - 1907), 5th King of the Qajar dynasty, speaking in 1905 on the first recording to be made in Iran.  

Price: £12.54

CD No: HV 0262-2-331

Label: Hevhetia

Format: CD

I Am One Of Us Forever

Anna Romanovska, Petr Tichy, Michal Hruby

Anna Romanovska, violin and koto, Petr Tichy, bass  and Michal Hruby clarinets are joined by soprano Hana Blazikova for this collectively composed selection of improvised music inspired by Classical and Jazz forms.

Price: £12.54

CD No: HV 0222-2-331


Format: CD

Britten, Milhaud, Finzi, Strauss - Music for Piano and Orchestra

Benjamin Britten

Joshua Pierce collects together four pieces from the first half of the 20th century that feature the piano as part of the orchestral texture, which are not concertos.    

Price: £12.54

CD No: MS 1756

Label: MSR Classics

Format: CD