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Czech Music Direct is your source of music from Eastern Europe and beyond.  Our Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian labels, Arta, Nibiru, Artesmon, Hevhetia, Hev-Het Tune, Pavlik Records, Gega New and others feature the earliest of notated music, through to cutting edge contemporary sounds in Classical, Jazz, World Music, Elektronika and more.  Our American label  MSR Classics,  features British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, and highlights the work of American composers and ...

Valentin Bibik Sonatas for Violin and Piano

Ukranian composer Valentin Bibik (1940 - 2003) wrote in many forms, his music creating great public interest, but disliked by the authorities who banned performances.  Bibik's three late violin Sonatas - his Third is a World ...




Pavlik Records


PA 0195-2-132

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MSR Classics,  present British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, which he is recording in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England.  Newly released Volume 6 features rarely heard Sonata 4, in E-flat Major, Sonata 11 in B-flat Major and Sonata 12 in A-flat Major.   



Szymon Mika

Drift in and drift out with the combination of Szymon Mika's guitars and the vocals of Yumi Ito set to evocative texts they have written between them, as they has their music to which they are set.  

Price: £12.54

CD No: HV 0217-2-331

Label: Hevhetia

Format: CD

Suchon - Penderecki Sonatas for Violin and Piano

Eugen Suchon

The Czechoslovak Chamber Duo - Pavel Burdych, violin and Zuzana Beresova, piano.  Eugen Suchon composed his Sonata, with its hints of Brahms and Reger,  around 1929.  Penderecki's Sonata No. 2 dates from 1999, and is in the unusual form of five movements. 

Price: £12.54

CD No: HV 0220-2-331


Format: CD

Barbara Harbach - The Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky

Barbara Harbach

Volume 14 in MSR Classics collection of music by Barbara Harbach, features smaller pieces inspired by women through history.  Civil Civility remembers Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt, Visions of Hildegard, the composer Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179).  The plight of Native American Indians is the theme of The Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky, and in Cuatro Danzas, Barbara Harbach reflects on her move to the American Southwest.

Price: £12.54

CD No: MS 1695

Label: MSR Classics

Format: CD