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Czech Music Direct is your source of music from Eastern Europe and beyond.  Our Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian labels, Arta, Nibiru, Artesmon, Hevhetia, Hev-Het Tune, Pavlik Records, Gega New and others feature the earliest of notated music, through to cutting edge contemporary sounds in Classical, Jazz, World Music, Elektronika and more.  Our American label  MSR Classics,  features British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, and highlights the work of American composers and ...

Life - Valer Miko Trio

With composer and pianist Valer Miko are Tamas Belicza, bass and electric bass and Juraj David Rasi, drums and vibraphone.  Guests on the seven tracks include violinist Stanislav Paluch and Josef Kamencay, clarinet, there's also a ...






HV 0200-2-331

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MSR Classics,  present British pianist James Brawn’s Odyssey through all Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, which he is recording in Potton Hall, Suffolk, England.  Newly released Volume 6 features rarely heard Sonata 4, in E-flat Major, Sonata 11 in B-flat Major and Sonata 12 in A-flat Major.   


Shostakovich - Symphonies 2 "Dedicated to October" and 12 "The Year 1917"

Dmitri Shostakovich

Emil Tabakov continues his Gega New series of Shostakovich Symphonies with the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra with numbers Two and Twelve.  Both of these symphonies celebrate the October 1917 revolution: the Second composed for the tenth anniversary in 1927 uses a propaganda text by the poet Alexander Bezymensky, which Shostakovich thought "very weak."  Number Twelve, composed in 1960, continues from the previous symphony and recalls events that Shostakovich witnessed.

Price: £12.54

CD No: GD 388

Label: Gega New

Format: CD

AMC Trio Plus

Martin Marincak

The inventive AMC Trio take their original numbers on a stage with tag lines attached to each of the nine titles on this release.  They are joined on some tracks by violinist Regina Carter and the alto saxophone of Eric Marienthal.  Adding to their plus are the guitar of Samuel Marincak, Peter Kocis, keyboard, Miroslav Szirmai, percussion and vocals by Peter Lipa and Lina Mayer.  That's quite a plus!

Price: £10.54

CD No: HV 0202-2-331


Format: CD

Antonin Dvorak Symphony No. 5 in F Major

Antonin Dvorak

Premiered on 25 March 1879 in Prague, Dvorak's 5th Symphony is a rare concert hall visitor.  It is prefaced here by the dramatic concert overture, Othello, which remains in the shadow of his popular Carnival Overture.  Prepare to have preconceptions of these works upended as conductor Marek Stryncl continues his Dvorak cycle using period instruments.

Price: £12.54

CD No: F10245

Label: Arta

Format: CD

Latest Podcast & Radio Show

Classic Music Podcast - April 2020

Presented by Laurence Lewis

Running Time: 9.05 mins

Date posted: 28/03/2020

More info:

The Chicago Gargoyle Brass and Organ Ensemble, on MSR Classics,  visit Music of the Reformation, Brahms is arranged for piano by Max Reger and Dvorak’s 5th Symphony arrives,  on an Arta release, by Musica Florea conducted by Marek Stryncl played on period instruments.

Czech Music Radio Show - Klezmer in Kosice

Presented by Laurence Lewis

Running Time: 24.51 mins

Date posted: 14/10/2019

More info:

In July 2018, Slovakian record label Hevhetia’s JazzBus showcased many of their artists live in gigs at an arts complex in Kosice. On the way the – imaginary – JazzBus stopped at some fringe events, including a Klezmer concert in one of Kosice’s largest synagogues – alas a pale shadow of what it once was. Here’s our complete recording of that concert, presented by Laurence Lewis. Playing Time: 24.51mins.